Internal Places

As people who inhabit the internal places, our hidden kingdoms of inspiration, of imagination and reflection we also strive to reveal and demonstrate our discoveries to others.

Freakyboy is a unique project, a unique way of offering resources and assistance to very special people; from someone who has a powerful insight into what it is you are seeking to achieve.

While this is a nexus of resources and help, it is also my creative expression, my way of reaching out and communicating with people who might possibly understand me!

The quality of our intentions are paramount to the depth and duration of our outcomes 🙂

Carrying On From The Front Page...

Today we are experiencing vast changes in our society. While many of us are taking the Internet very much for granted, accepting the massive conveniences of instant communications, expanded reach, and alternative entertainment as an everyday event, we are at the same time not really aware of the true impact and the hugely amplified opportunities we each have access to.

As “I” types I think there are more of us who are truly appreciative of just what the Internet allows us to accomplish.

People such as Gary Vaynerchuk who is critically aware of the full potential of the internet to massively displace the ‘middlemen’ businesses, does good work to remind us of the actual reality of the internet.

This is a big part of Freakyboy. Speaking about, and leveraging the full range of potential disruption, of creative alternatives, media, eCommerce, personal liberation from repressive old models of employment. The capacity to reach very specific audiences and groups in our society.

I find technical and web services to be mostly dreary, square entities. This is my personal quest, to integrate my creative and visionary disposition with my technical side. We have been given the ‘keys to the kingdom’ but so many of us do not fully realize this!

Quirky, unique, practical, creative, powerful, insightful, authentic, broadly communicative and open. These are terms which both appeal to me, and describe my approaches.

If you are resonant to any of this then there is a great chance I can help you, and also learn from you. I see it very much as the Internet is: A Two-way exchange of energy and communication.

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