INFJ and the great potential of the "I" types...

The Internet, I use a capital ‘I’ because it is worthy of being addressed with respect.

As people who tend to score along the Introversion side of the spectrum we are ideally suited to becoming creative, thoughtful internet citizens.

For me it is obvious that there is a massive power struggle currently taking place. The old power groups which had their ‘day in the sun’ throughout the Broadcast era (1900-1996) are being displaced by the internet culture which has strongly presented its two-way communication dynamic.

We can become entrepreneurial and productive, and as introverts we are ideally placed to thrive online!

This is what the Freakyboy project is all about, and yes it includes “I” type girls also.

The work of Carl Jung to me represents the highest level of human selflessness. Jung was driven by his desire to understand people and human civilization.

For Jung there are two principal ways that people develop, either with an Extroversion or Introversion tendency.

This does not mean being loud and assertive, or quiet and shy! This is the huge misunderstanding about this concept.

We either tend to explore and act from within, developing rich intuitive and sensing talents that inform our mind and guide our actions OR we are motivated by purely external sources, we prefer to demonstrate our thinking as we go to the outside world.

The 'New Economy'& Culture

There are many among our numbers who are life coaches, guides, educators, health consultants, advisers, writers, journalists, technical experts, musicians, artists, philosophers – the digital age has liberated us from the requirement of having to work for someone else. 

We as INFJ’s, INTP’s and, I have to say, others among the ‘I’ axis are often quick to spot the opportunities for amplifying our skills, for delivering and presenting our unique services.

Which is where I come in.

As an INFJ man I have developed technical and cultural skills with the Internet. 

I present access to my exclusive  help and practical resources. If you want generic, vanilla you are already catered for-this is different, for different types of people.

1. You want the most powerful web building platform available to humanity?

2. You want help to build, to present, to distribute and inform?

3. You want hosting which is based on the fastest, most powerful Internet infrastructure-Amazon AWS?

4. You want help to put your content together, to syndicate it and build your identity?

5. You want to present courses, education, training, unique guidance?

6. Do you wish to write a professional Blog?

7. Do you wish to sell products, quirky, useful, beneficial products?

eCommerce is the general term. Services/products it does not matter, we need to use digital media!

As a community we can be powerful, not an imposing community a supportive, cooperative one.

Freakyboy is here for you!